Career Development 

Conductive builds a foundation of trust and connection with you to support your success and bolster your growth. We connect with you on a deep level to understand your unique needs and short and long-term goals.

Program Includes

Increasing confidence

Aligning career path with strengths, motivators, and values

Championing change and growth

Raising the bar on performance and potential

Developing collaborative and engaging communication skills


goal-setting routines

Set expectations to ensure accountability through coaching process



Applying tools to facilitate behavior change and broaden perspective

Clarifying and refining your personal brand

Whether you’re looking to hit the ground running in a new position, charting a new course in your career or developing the tools you need to take yourself to the next level, Conductive designs custom, structured coaching programs to help you identify and achieve your career goals.

I cannot thank my coach enough for the work she did with me as I looked to transition to a new industry. Her insight into my work style and personality and her guidance on issues both large and small have been invaluable and have made an enormous impact on how I work and pursue my goals. I highly recommend her.

Executive Editor


Our Approach

 The Conductive Toolbox

The Conductive Toolbox includes assessments, surveys and questionnaires, developmental exercises and customized training programs for current and emerging leaders. Our clients complete an online leadership assessment, followed by a one-on-one two-hour debrief. These techniques, methodologies and strategies map the gap between your self-perception and how others perceive you.

 Data-Driven Insights

Conductive identifies the individual behaviors, strengths and values that will accelerate or impede your success. Our selected assessments – Hogan Assessment, 360 Stakeholder Interviews, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) – provide evidence-based data and insight into a client’s reputation and how they show up day-to-day and under stress. We aggregate and analyze the data, then summarize it to identify the patterns, themes and topics we will cover during training.


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