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Hear From Our Clients

Laurent Troger,

Former CEO at a

Global Transportation Company

We helped global transportation industry CEO Laurent Troger up-level his leadership style and his teams' performance for even greater success. Laurent has grown as a leader and has taken his team along with him through our Team Activation Program.

Tara Swanson, 

Americas Head of Analytics at Bloomberg

We helped Tara gain the confidence to pursue her career with passion. We worked with Tara Swanson of Bloomberg to drive results to take her and her team further through our Executive Coaching Program.

Paul Ter Veen, 

Former CEO at 

ACT Commodities

We used Hogan Assessment data to map

Paul Ter Veen's team culture and to derive insights to help him and his team excel throughout our

Team Activation Program.

Amy Wilson Cheney, 

Vice President at 


Amy Wilson Cheney describes her coaching experience as "fantastic" and "life-changing." She now feels "more authentic," "more in touch with who she is" and more aware of her "natural, given strengths." after going through our Executive Coaching Program.

Executive Editor


I cannot thank my coach enough for the work she did with me as I looked to transition to a new industry. Her insight into my work style and personality and her guidance on issues both large and small have been invaluable and have made an enormous impact on how I work and pursue my goals. 

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