At a fundamental level, we grow leaders and develop teams. We do this by taking a data-based approach to how people and teams really work and applying that insight to real business issues, real-time. We are very intentional about creating the space to leverage information and generate foresight, helping professionals, leaders and teams immediately develop concrete solutions to communicate, interact, and perform at a higher level.


We build true partnerships with our clients and always stay abreast of their needs.

We know the path to success and make sure our clients are making the necessary changes to reach their goals.

We understand the importance of customizing our approach to serve the unique needs of each and every client.

We love what we do and we’re driven to bring our best every day for every one of our clients.

We provide the support and reporting needed to measure and sustain growth.

We enable our clients to turn insights into actions that matter.


Our Executive Coaching program is more than just a set of sessions. We define, measure and hold ourselves accountable to the success our work has on individuals and organizations. The Conductive Method is a proven three-stage approach to build the trust, momentum and accountability that creates sustainable behavior change. We partner with our clients to give every business the opportunity to realize its greatest potential through understanding the value and return of investing in their people.

My coach has brought me to a new level of professionalism and leadership. I feel adept at dealing with crises and disputes, high profile communication opportunities, articulating new visions and policies and bringing teams along with me. I’ve learnt how to be a leader without ego, how to confront and tackle sensitive issues but equally how to problem solve quietly and without drama.


Managing Editor

Global Digital News Agency


Team success is about so much more than what you do. It’s about who you are as individuals and how you operate as a team. We analyze abilities and team dynamics to identify opportunities for individual and collective growth. We partner with our clients to harness the potential of individuals and teams to achieve business aspirations. Our proprietary approach to The Hogan Assessment allows us to immediately establish a new level of trust on a management team. We uniquely analyze and present the data to shed light on how to proactively leverage the assets and strengths while anticipating and managing the reactive behaviors. Our retreats equip all participants with the information and the tools to navigate a performance- and results-driven landscape. Simultaneously, we create a culture of trust and collaboration through increased empathy and enhanced communication techniques.



Working with my Executive Coach has given me a new perspective on my own individual growth, presence and impact as a leader, as well as elevating my team’s effectiveness. For my executive team she was able to assess each individual and then analyze how we could maximize our working relationship and create a culture of higher performance.

Chief Digital Officer

Global Digital Media Corporation



Our Business Coaching is action-oriented and focused on Leadership Development in addition to team synchronization. We combine an in-depth understanding of what truly drives you and what stands in your way with strategic and tactical steps for immediate impact. You will gain clarity and confidence to make the right moves at the right time to play a bigger game. You will experience immediate results and long-term change including higher employee engagement, improved performance, reduced stress, and a clearly defined culture designed for success.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

I cannot thank my coach enough for the work she did with me as I looked to transition to a new industry. Her insight into my work style and personality and her guidance on issues both large and small have been invaluable and have made an enormous impact on how I work and pursue my goals. I highly recommend her.

Executive Editor



We guide high achieving professionals transition into new jobs and career opportunities. Whether you want to hit the ground running in a new position or want to develop tools to take you to your next level, we can design a custom coaching program to help you reach your goals.



This industry-leading assessment paints a complete picture of an individual in three parts. The self-awareness created by identifying these characteristics builds a leader’s ability to achieve short- and long-term organizational and personal goals. HPI predicts job performance by measuring normal personality factors like ambition and sociability. HDS measures the way people behave when they’re under stress to identify the derailers that can limit career potential. MVPI measures the core values like the need for recognition or security that drive individuals.


We maximize the Hogan’s impact on a team’s performance through our proprietary approach to analyzing the data and customizing activities and development plans to the unique combination of profiles that form a team. The impact is deep, meaningful, and immediate.

Nobody does Hogan like we do the Hogan.

My coach’s deep insight on the Hogan system is exceptional. She was able to distill my Hogan assessment in a manner that gave me a thorough understanding of my values, behaviors, learning approaches and the environments in which I thrive. Facilitating this type of self-awareness is a special talent that my coach has in spades.

Tania Hudson


Global Engagement 

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