Executive Coaching Program

Conductive develops leaders and enhances their ability to maximize team performance.

Program Includes

Promoting talent and career development across the team 

Learning and applying techniques to drive greater team motivation 

Giving and receiving timely, actionable performance feedback and “Feedforward” 

Attaining greater influence as a leader 

Increasing Executive Presence and Emotional Intelligence 

Building self-awareness - bridging the gap between self-perception and reputation

Identifying and optimizing leadership style

Developing consistent and collaborative communication skills

Applying tools to facilitate behavior change 

Navigating politics both internally and externally 

We help you gain the confidence to pursue your career with passion. We’re all about coaching that helps you have a real impact in your organization. We worked with Tara Swanson of Bloomberg to drive results, and we can help you and your team, get further.

We use a deliberate structure and an individualized, adaptable coaching framework to shift leaders and help them communicate, interact, and perform at significantly higher levels. Our coaches nurture and sustain deep and collaborative relationships with clients to help them manage the complexities of executive demands, master leadership skills and optimize effectiveness through their organizations. 

My coach has brought me to a new level of professionalism and leadership. I feel adept at dealing with crises and disputes, high profile communication opportunities, articulating new visions and policies and bringing teams along with me. I’ve learnt how to be a leader without ego, how to confront and tackle sensitive issues but equally how to problem solve quietly and without drama.

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Our Approach

 The Conductive Toolbox

The Conductive Toolbox includes assessments, surveys and questionnaires, developmental exercises and customized training programs for current and emerging leaders. Our clients complete an online leadership assessment, followed by a one-on-one two-hour debrief. These techniques, methodologies and strategies map the gap between your self-perception and how others perceive you.

 Data-Driven Insights

Conductive identifies the individual behaviors, strengths and values that will accelerate or impede your success. Our selected assessments – Hogan Assessment, 360 Stakeholder Interviews, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) – provide evidence-based data and insight into a client’s reputation and how they show up day-to-day and under stress. We aggregate and analyze the data, then summarize it to identify the patterns, themes and topics we will cover during training.


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